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Frontline is an online course in seven Modules designed to introduce the theory and practice of reader-centred work to public library staff. The course is suitable for frontline staff; all tasks can be done by staff who may work part-time and do not have wide responsibilities. There is a short course version of four Modules for staff who work part-time or any volunteers who are interested in gaining new skills.

Frontline is bought on subscription and is managed through a rollout within a library authority. A Co-ordinator for the course takes it with the supervision of Opening the Book and subsequently manages a cascade where all trainees who graduate the full course are eligible to be created as supervisors of others. The Co-ordinator is supported throughout the subscription by their Opening the Book contact.

Frontline has been used by over 10,000 staff over 6 years and is having a tremendous impact, changing the experience of library customers across the UK, Ireland and Australia. 97% of library services in England have used the course, plus all services in Wales and Northern Ireland, and numbers in Scotland are growing. An Chomhairle Leabharlanna (the Irish Library Council) supports a national rollout to all Irish library services and the State Library of Victoria has begun a 3-year programme to roll out Frontline to 850 staff in library services across the state. A discussion area actively asks users to discuss ideas across the divisions of geography and responsibility.

Two supplementary courses can be added to the main course. They both consist of four Modules and can be purchased separately.

Frontline: Outreach supports time-limited projects designed to test new partnerships and fresh approaches to work outside the library building.

Frontline:Merchandising introduces practical techniques for the effective selection and display of books throughout the collection to increase issues and improve the customer experience in the library.

To find out more email Anne Downes at Opening the Book anne@openingthebook.com

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